Inside Faith Hill and Tim McGraws Bahamas Home

Inside Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's Bahamas Home

After more than 20 years together, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw don't quite finish each other's sentences. Instead, the two long-married country-music stars have developed a manner of speaking that can only be described as down-right harmonious, with each supplying an instrumental part of the whole. Consider, for example, the way they talk about the first time they saw the future site of their beloved Bahamas home. “There was just a little shack,” McGraw recalls, “that someone——”

“They were friends of the owner,” Hill interjects. “——had sort of floated up onto the beach.”

“It was a great little place.”

“A great little place,” he agrees, “and it was the only thing there. When we decided to buy, they just floated the shack away. . . .”

Needless to say, the couple’s own settling-in process was a bit more involved. Hill and McGraw first purchased the private 20-acre island they call “L’île d’Anges” back in 2003; they didn’t move into the house—actually a collection of eight distinct “pavilions,” connected by thatch-roofed loggias—until 2012. “We were a little bit naive, possibly,” Hill admits,

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